Q: My house is in very bad condition – how many repairs would I need to do to sell it to you?
A: NONE – we will buy it as is and take care of the repairs ourself!

Q: My house is extremely dirty and there are a lot of things in it that need to be taken to the dump. Are you able to assist at all with this?
A: Yes – when we say we will buy your house “as is,” that means we don’t expect you to do any cleaning or any dumpster runs. We will gladly do that ourselves once we buy your property.

Q: What do I need to do in order to sell my house to you?
A: You can start by filling out our form to request a free house evaluation. Shortly after completing the form (usually 1-2 business days but sometimes longer, depending on the season), we will contact you in order to discuss your needs and see how we can help you. If we both agree to move forward, we will plan a time with you to see your house, and, once we have seen it, we will make you a cash offer. If you choose to accept the offer, we will come up with a purchase date that works for both of us and sign some simple paperwork to put it in writing.

Q: What if I change my mind and decide after signing the paperwork that I don’t want to sell my house to you?
A: No problem! We don’t want anyone to feel forced into doing anything. Just let us know if you want to back out, and we will shred the paperwork and move on to our next deal.

Q: How much money will I need to bring to closing to sell my house to you?
A: ZERO. The simplest way we’ve found to do business is to structure our contracts so that the seller (you) doesn’t have to pay a dime out of pocket to sell their house. All you need to bring to closing is yourself, and you will leave the room with the exact amount of money we had agreed upon after it’s over.

Q: Do you purchase mobile homes, apartments, vacant land, or other non-traditional properties?
A: Yes. We are willing to purchase any type of real estate you have that you need to get rid of!

Q: How quickly can you purchase my house?
A: Each circumstance is unique (and it depends upon how much sales volume we have during that time) but we can usually purchase your house within 1-2 weeks from the date we sign the contract.

Q: Does Upstate House Buyers make any money off of the properties they purchase?
A: Yes – after we purchase a property, we fix whatever issues it may have to make it livable, and then we either sell it to a new homeowner or find a renter for it. In some instances we may sell the unrepaired property to another real estate investor who wants to do the work him/herself.

Q: Are you a legal business?
A: Yes, we are registered with the state of SC under the name “Upstate House Buyers LLC.”

Q: How can I stop receiving mail from you?
A: Very easily – please just fill out the below form, and we will immediately take you off our mail list. (Trust us, we don’t want to spend the time or money sending marketing materials to those that don’t want it.)