What happens when no one wants to buy my house?

Upstate House Buyers is frequently contacted by people all over the Upstate (and sometimes elsewhere in SC) who are trying to sell their homes. Usually, however, we are not the first people they’ve tried to sell to. Oftentimes, when someone contacts Upstate House Buyers, we will do some quick research and find that their home is listed online, and oftentimes their list price is similar to what they’re asking for us to buy it for.

Is that a problem? Maybe. The question is, why isn’t anyone willing to buy the home now and what needs to be done in order to make the home attractive enough for someone to buy it?

If the home is ugly, run-down, falling apart, etc. and all it needs is some sweat equity, then Upstate House Buyers would love to purchase it. Those are the types of homes that get us most excited. However, if the home is already in perfect condition and no one wants it, that means there’s only one way to sell it – lower the price, even if you think the price is already low.

“But,” you say, “Aren’t you one of those ‘we buy houses’ people who buy anything and everything out there?” Well, yes, we are. But this is our job, and as such, we have to make money doing it. If your home is already fixed up and in good condition, but you can’t find anyone to purchase it for $75,000, then Upstate House Buyers would not be able to purchase it for $75,000, otherwise, we would not make any money when we try to resell the house.

So make sure that when you are trying to sell your home that you look at it from the perspective of the buyer and ask for a price that makes sense both to you and to them. There are no charity buyers out there who are going to buy the home off of you even though no one else wants it for that price. However, Upstate House Buyers will do our best to give you a fair offer on whatever home you send our way. Just fill out this form to get started.

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